Open letter to Clarkson!

Mr. Jeremy Clarkson, you should come to CARZ!

We have the perfect conditions for your talents here.

*One of the worst car productions in the world

(so there will always be something to bitch about and evoke some memories of yours)


 *The best food around (no wonder you got into a conflict over those lousy English tastes)


*And its served around the clock (whenever your starry self feels like eating).

Come work for Carz.rs!

We are a Serbian startup, we test cars, bitch about them in video and enjoy the splendid food and scenery of the beautiful Serbia. The only thing we are missing is your wise a** to blow this into an international thing! We cannot offer more then working with great people who share the same passion as you.

If you like what we are offering, contact us via Twitter, Facebook or email

You will also get an uber cool email account: jeremy@carz.rs

by Ketvit

  • markons

    Hahahahahah genijalno

  • hadescem

    lol bilo b sjajno ali tesko zamislivo

  • ameduk

    Wtf is Serbia?

  • mikaela88

    I have been in Serbia and it is a beautiful place to visit!

  • nemanja


  • srbtourism

    Serbia is top spot for full hedonism! Well, roads are a bit damaged, but food? Mmmm! Delicious. Clarkson would definitely not make a bad choice :) When there, its a must to visit Kalemegdan, Skadarlija and ofc Ada in Belgrade. Outside of Belgrade, there are many great places to visit